Stay connected,
wherever you go.

why not use one SIM card everywhere instead
of buying different SIM cards at different places
you visit? Traveler Sim is the perfect solution
which is cheaper than all of the alternatives
when we are talking about roaming costs!

Roaming Costs


  • Saves up to 90% on global roaming charges
  • Free incoming calls in over 60 countries
  • Free incoming SMS worldwide
  • Data roaming: use various data bundles in Europe
  • Prepaid SIM card. No excessive roaming bills.

Hompage image

Homepage image

Traveler-SIM provides a single global roaming SIM card. This means you will receive a sim card which works everywhere you travel to and eliminates or reduces international roaming costs for voice, SMS and data services. The Traveler-SIM international sim card keeps customers better connected when they travel globally for business or leisure.

Quite unique for such a service, our users can use the services almost anywhere in the world (200 countries / 620 mobile networks) with a Premium quality network. This offers you not only a pleasant stay abroad but the feeling of staying connected with family and friends everywhere in the world.

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How to recharge
your account?

It is as simple as paying us a visit at our office and depositing cash for the amount of top-up you want to make or you can use AsiaHawala® or Zain Cash® and send us money for the amount you want to top-up. Our AsiaHawala® number is 0770 215 2211. Our Zain Cash® number is 0780 116 6009.

Very soon refilling and toping-up your account balance will be a matter of entering your credit card number on our website. Traveler SIM is a pioneer in the field of electronic payment in Iraq and we promise our clients a safe and reliable process.
Stay tuned...

A hand paying with credit card

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