Frequently Asked Question

What is Traveler SIM?
The Traveler SIM is the new SIM card that gives you access to the voice, SMS and internet services in over 200 countries and more 600 mobile networks at very low rates.
My SIM card is not working! What do I do now?
If your Traveler SIM is not working from the moment you put it into your phone or tablet, don't worry. Just switch your device off and on again. This will usually resolve the issue. If not, please contact us through Email for your questions.
How do I send an SMS?
The same way you always do. Just don’t forget to enter the number using the international dialing code.
Receiving text messages to your new Traveler SIM number is free of charge.

How much does Traveler SIM cost?
The Traveler SIM will cost you $ 40.00 which includes € 10.00 credit of airtime. With Traveler SIM you can save up to 90% for calls, SMS and data.
What phone number comes with the Traveler SIM?
The Traveler SIM is an international mobile service based in Belgium and the SIM mobile number has a +32 prefix. You will find your new phone number printed on the SIM card.
Does the Traveler SIM have a PIN / PUK lock?
Yes, PIN by default it is 1111.
If you enter an incorrect PIN code 3 times your SIM card will be blocked and you will be unable to make or receive calls/texts. To get back up and running you will need to enter the PUK code.
Your PIN and PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) numbers are both printed on the SIM card. Please make a note of these somewhere safe.

How is the network coverage?
The Traveler SIM service operates with roaming agreements of the Orange Group in over 200 countries around the world including 620 networks.
This means that in many countries you can actually make and receive calls on more than one network. The Traveler SIM will normally automatically select the strongest signal but it may be possible to manually select another network if required.
The available network list will be displayed in your handset if you select 'manually search networks' (or something similar) via your handset menu. Whichever of the available networks you select, the call rates will always be the same.

Will my SIM/Credit credit expire?
NO, your Traveler SIM and Credit remain active anytime.
Are my contacts stored on the phone or on the SIM?
Check if your contact numbers are saved on your phone by inserting your new SIM. If you can see your contacts, your phone is ready for use.
All my contacts are on my current SIM. How do I transfer them to my new SIM?
The easiest way to do this is to go to the address book on your phone and find the function that allows you to copy all numbers from your SIM onto your phone. Do this. Now, switch SIMs and do the reverse. Copy all your numbers from your phone address book onto the new SIM. Each phone is different so you should check the manual that came with your mobile phone or go to the website of your handset manufacturer to find out more details.
Where can I find my remaining credit?

Send "BAL" to 1960 or +32491281960 and you will receive a reply.
This service is free of charge

How do I add airtime?
You should visit the Traveler SIM office and buy credit from there or use AsiaHAwala to pay for the amount you want to top-up.
How do I make a call?
The traveler SIM uses a process known as transparent callback. This means our system calls you back once you have dialed the number you wish to call.
Every time you make a call:
Dial the number with the international dialling code, even when in the same country.
(e.g. to dial the US number 0212 123 4567 from wherever you are you will need to dial 00 1 212 123 4567)
Your phone may display a message, ignore it
Your phone will ring within a few seconds
Answer the call and you will be connected

How do people call me?
To call your Traveler SIM, your correspondent has to dial the full international number of your Traveler SIM number
e.g. 0032 491 123456 or +32 491 123456

Can I make emergency calls?
Yes, wherever you are 112 will work.