What to do if the callback application does not work?
If the application doesn’t work or is not supported at all by your phone you can use the following manual dial strings to call.
Dial example. *132*# (e.g. 0012121234567#) (No message will appear)

Manual network selection
In addition to a SIM reset, you can also try to manually select an alternative network.
Please refer to your phone instructions for the location of this option/these settings.
Cross-check if you have a second phone and place your traveler SIM into that one and try again.

I have lost my Traveler SIM. How can I save my Credit?
Contact us via email or phone and we will block your account and SIM which will prevent people from using your SIM card.
I've lost my Traveler SIM. How do I get a new one?
Unfortunately you won't receive a new one. If you'd be interested in a new one you will have to buy it.
What to do if there is a problem?
Read the FAQ section on the booklet that comes with your SIM card or on our website and see if the answered questions will solve your problem. If not, please contact us via email by filling the contact form on our Contact page or call us and we will solve your problem for you.